Active Cooler Wine Tulip

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Active Cooler Wine Tulip

The new Active Cooler Tulip from Vacu Vin is a luxurious wine cooler that chills your wine within minutes and keeps it cool for hours! Its collar inspired by the leaves of a tulip and is designed in a way to protect your wine from direct sunlight but also to surround the complete bottle. Due to the Velcro closing mechanism it is possible to even use it on larger size wine bottles. This allows a great selection of bottles to be enclosed with great ease. Easily store the Active Cooler Tulip in your freezer with or without its jacket as the cooling element can be separated from the outside. Chill your wine instantly and in style!

  • Active chiller without ice
  • Chills in 5 minutes
  • Protects your wine from direct sunlight
  • No waste of space in the fridge
  • Keep cooling elements in freezer